Not My Style


I get an A+ in effort when it comes to filling the kids days with “meaningful” activities.

I have mapped out the week, filling in activities for each and every day.

I have mapped out the day by the hour, making sure there was balance across the board.

I have even picked a theme for the week and created a plan around said theme.

But weΒ never end up following through with any of these schedules. And I am starting to be ok with it.

Sure, I would love to be the kind of mom who is able to sit the kids down for arts and crafts time, who has a thought out plan on development and creative play. But that is just not my style, and I don’t think it ever will be.

My loose philosophy on raising little humans? Read every day and often. Be given time alone to do your own thing and have some quiet. Meet up with friends to play. Get outside. Snuggle. Run around and wrestle.

I figure, they have their whole lives for formal teachings, and strict schedules. But only these years before Kindergarten arrives, to play as they like, snuggle as they need to, and lounge about reading as long as they would like to.

So that is the plan we are going with!

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