The In Between

Nine years ago, 215 pounds, I went to a Weight Watchets meeting and that became my jam. The in between from my before to my after was smooth, and fairly short-lived.

I lost 51 pounds. Fell in love with spinning and running. And was dabbling in Primal eating on the weekdays.

Getting from A to Z on my weight-loss goal was fairly easy to navigate.

After Wrigley was born, and 60 pounds heavier again, I found out about this Paleo thing when we were researching how to introduce food to our baby.

Based on how I felt with a semi-Primal approach to life, Paleo sounded like a great plan for postpartum weightloss.

I literally made a spreadsheet, and every day tracked if I had wheat, sugar, alcohol or “other grains”. I was lifting a few days a week, running, and doing spin bike interval work.

And a year and a half after Wrigley was born, I found myself at a lean 158. Feeling real good!

Again, the in between from my ‘Before’ and ‘After’ was mostly easy to navigate. It just took a bit longer to lose weight that time around.

After Parker was born, I was back up in the 200’s. I toyed with point tracking and calorie tracking, but mostly stuck to basic journaling. And I never got below 173.

During that time, I felt trapped in the in between, unsure how to eat for weight loss, tired of the standard diet approaches. Truly lost on how to drive my body fat percentage down.

And now here I am again, working hard in the in between of another postpartum weight loss. Not at my heaviest weight, not at my healthiest. But working hard to find a sustainable, healthy approach to maintaining lean muscle mass, while reducing body fat.

Le sigh.

Before and after photos are great and all. But what about the in between photos? The ones that show the fight? The determination? The painfully slow results that push you a slight fraction of the way towards your goal?

Sure, they aren’t the most motivating, but it is reality, isn’t it?

Little changes in body composition. Constant lifestyle and habit fine-tuning.

This is the place where we spend majority of our time when improving our health. It is the time that teaches us not just what it will take to reach ours goals, but what it will take to stay in that healthy place once those goals are reached.

I know I am going to be in this in between for awhile. That I plan to do this right, healthy, and in a way that I can stick with the regimen for life.

So to all the other people out there who are in the in between, working the process, putting in the time to make your after your reality – I throw a fist bump your way. Lets do this thing and feel good in the in between!


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