The Best Start to the Day

On Sunday morning, two bleary eyed parents quickly fed their kids breakfast, got them dressed, and headed to the lake in the early hours of the day.

For it was the most perfect, beautiful morning.

The kind of morning where summer isn’t quite over, but fall is somehow already beginning to inch in.

TLIB, 8:22:16 5

We took our sweet time strolling along the lake, stopped at one of the parks along the trail for the kids to play, and ran around the gazebo before the mosquitos started to attack.

That stretch of time together set the whole day in motion for absolute perfection.

While I miss California often, and wish for mornings watching the waves, I can’t help but feel overly grateful that life has brought us back to the land of 10,000 lakes. There is just something so calm and beautiful about life along the lake, and I love that the boys have begun to look forward to our walks at the lake as well!

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