Another Year Older

Well, it happened. Last Friday, birthday perfection was achieved.

And all thanks to my amazingly thoughtful husband.

TLIB, 8:30:16 1

We kicked off the day with a long, lower body lift session.

Taking our time to build into some heavy sets, because after the lift…..

It was donut time.

We hadn’t been to Glam Doll Donuts in awhile, and enjoyed a sampling of our favorites!

TLIB 8:30:16 5

And their patio situation is pretty awesome too! We played Candyland until Camden and Parker were ready for naps, and then headed back to the burbs.

I was under the assumption that I needed to return home to get ready for a date out with Dan that afternoon, but when I asked where the babysitter was, I found out the real plan.

I was being kicked out of the house for three hours at the spa. I was instructed to turn off my phone and to enjoy my spa kit that Dan carefully assembled.

TLIB 8:30:16 6

Probably, ok most definitely, the best gift I have ever received.

I didn’t realize just how disconnected I had been feeling – how stretched thin I have been. But after that chunk of time alone where I didn’t think about anyone else, or watch the clock, or look at my phone; I felt more refreshed and level than I have felt in ages!

TLIB 8:30:16 7

After my spa session, I headed to my Dad’s for a family dinner.

He had crabs and clams shipped in from Maryland, and the only thing missing was the views of the ocean!

TLIB 8:30:16 8

Dan and I took shifts eating so that we could manage Wrigley and Parker.

And Camden was set up on a comforter in between my Mom and I, where he was entertained for a bit while I cleaned crabs.

TLIB 8:30:16 9

When I was a kid, I remember looking through pictures of my family when my brothers and I were babies, and my parents were so very young. It felt so special to witness those moments in history, where my parents were surrounded by their families, making memories with their babies.

And now I see photos like these, and I feel that same sense of excitement for the moments and memories that are being captured.

It makes me so grateful to be surrounded by so many blessings, creating such rich memories for our babies.

I have a feeling that the year ahead is going to be filled with a lot more wonderful.

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