We Bid You Adieu


If you don’t own a boat or have friends who own a boat, there are really only two things to do on Labor Day. Grill out and eat ice cream.

And yesterday we partook in both activities.

The day was fairly routine. And then after naps, we all hit the road to my Dad’s for a grill out. But we ended up lounging around indoors because the humidity was so high, as storms were beginning to roll in.

Once all was cooked, we pretended we were at a true end of summer – patio party, and enjoyed a feast of burgers, brats, corn on the cob, and homemade guac and chips. Even if it was in the comfort of air conditioning.

After dinner, Wrigley and my Dad convinced Dan and I that there was really only one thing left to do, to bid summer adieu, and that was to visit the best ice cream shop in the Twin Cities, Grand Ole Creamery.

TLIB, 9:6:16 1

So in the early drizzle of the storm, we sought out the ice cream mecca!

TLIB, 9:6:16 2

The boys enjoyed their treats, while Dan and I (and our dairy hating bodies) looked on with grumbling bellies.

TLIB, 9:6:16 3

And what good is a stop to a joint pizza and ice cream shop without a few rounds of arcade games?

Parker pretended, while I held down the gas pedal for Wrigley as he drove like a mad man, and Camden’s diaper literally exploded onto the ground mid race.

Camden appears to have a real talent for timing.

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