They See Us Rolling

Dan I really love biking. A lot.

But our kids, despite our attempts, do not.

There is the push tricycle that was first purchased for Wrigley when he was a wee lad. However, neither of the boys will actually pedal the thing.

Then there is the balance bike that Parker received for his birthday.

He sat on it once. In our living room. Fell over. And has since declared that he doesn’t like it.

And now there is the sweet (and might I add first time) curbside freebie pickup that I grabbed yesterday, the big wheel.


Both boys seemed enthusiastic about this score. However, neither would actually try to push the pedals.

When I asked Wrigley why he wasn’t riding the big wheel, he informed me that it was too much work. And he couldn’t pedal because he had meetings.

True story.


So it looks like Dan and I will need to roll out sans these lazy bones. Due to the oldest and his meeting schedule.

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