Sicks be Gone

I am going to strike a deal with 2016. Not sure how much it is going to cost. But I must find a persuasive bargain.

My request? No more doctor’s offices for the REST. OF. THE. YEAR.

Is that even possible with kids?

I have no clue. But nonetheless, I am begging the year to let us end on a healthy note!

First Wrigley got sick. And then Parker. And now poor Cam Bam has been taken down, and has it the worst of all of them.

Since he is still so little, we ended up bringing him into the pediatrician because we weren’t so sure about that cough of his.

Luckily all came back negative on the little guy. And he was a pretty happy camper, until they strapped him down for chest x-rays of course.

After that fun experience, both Cam and I flipped the bird to Thursday and called it a wrap.

Hoping the kids make a quick recovery this weekend!

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