Sweet Sweet Freedom

This weekend something crazy, epic, awesome happened.


And it didn’t involve the kids.


At the end of the week my in-laws came into town for a visit. And then on Saturday night, surprised us with a mostly kid-free night. They are the best for a million reasons.

After church Wrigley and Parker went to my in-laws hotel, Dan dropped me off at home, and he headed to the grocery store for date-night supplies while I put Camden to bed.

There was kombucha in wine classes, steak, strawberries, and coconut ice cream.Β The night was awesome!


And then in the morning before reuniting with the older boys, we took Cam out for coffee and a morning walk at the lake.

But after that it was a quick hello and goodbye to the kiddos; Dan and I were off for the day at the Renaissance Festival.


It had beenΒ (embarrassing to admit) two years since Dan and I had been on a date for fun. No errands, or projects, just an outing together to enjoy time together.

And enjoy it we did!


Beer – hard cider – turkey legs – two wine tasting events…..ok, we day drank, and it was a blast!


And then Dan had to throw things.


And then had things thrown on him.

Ha, the life choices we make when kids-free.

I felt like my heart was going to explode with gratitude by the time we made it back home before dinner.

Sometimes it doesn’t even feel like real life, it just feels too good to be true, to be surrounded by so much love and so many blessings. And to not only be surrounded by so many people to help us raise our kids, but so many people who contribute to our life in such meaningful ways.

So much good all around.

Ok, on to a new week we go!

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