Back to Preschool

Yesterday Wrigley began his second, and last, year of preschool.

Only this time he was the nervous one, and I was as cool as a cucumber.

First there was the first day of school photoshoot requirements.

But Wrigley wasn’t exactly in the mood to participate, and no joke – I think this is the shot for the scrapbook!


Then in classic fashion, we rushed into carseats and bolted for school.

And were the last family to arrive.

Some things will never change. πŸ™‚


I went to pickup alone, and my little guy told me he really liked his new school.

Wrigley wasΒ at a nature preschool last year, so this contemporary setting is a little out of the norm for all of us. However, I think it will be a good fit for him!

He is also now going to school in the afternoon instead of the morning, so I felt that an afternoon/after school special treat was in order.


Every time we are at Trader Joe’s he asks if we can get whoopee pies for his birthday, so his birthday came a bit early on these ones.

And with that, thisΒ first, last day of preschool was officially marked a success!

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