Life Uniform

When I was working in higher ed, I dreamed of ditching my business wardrobe for nothing but gym attire.

And now that gym attire is my #alldayerrday, I have come to learn that while it is awesome, you often kind of, sort of, mostly feel like a schlep.

So to offset that feeling, I have been trying to assemble daily outfits that look a little more styled.


And it has been an accessory here and there that has made all the difference in the world, so that I actually feelΒ a little more pulled together. And less, hi – I just rolled out of bed and grabbed a workout top, pair of leggings, and jumbo mug of coffee.

With babies and toddlers you have to be very intentional with your accessories because everything is being pulled on, drooled on, and chewed on. So my FitBit, wedding ring and basic diamond stud earrings are about all I do for jewelry these days. But I have wanted to add a bracelet to the mix for awhile now.

And finally found a piece that I can wear next to my FitBit everyday and LOVE!!


For my 13th birthday (courtesy of 1998 fashion trends) I received this charm bracelet from my parents.

And I loved it and wore it all the time!


But the piece quickly went out of style, and I never ended up adding more charms to it. And it eventually found a permanent place in my jewelry box.

I have been looking for a replacement to this charm bracelet for a few years now, and when I came across the KEEP collection knew I had found what I was looking for!

Something that had a timeless look, and couldΒ be personalized, changed, and added to over time.

I worked with my friend Mary here to design a piece, and love what we came up with!

There are so many different design elements to choose from, but here is what I came up with and why:


The mesh bracelet has such a classic look, and can be dressed up or down.

The gold knot is a symbol for Dan, our intertwined lives, and the strength of our vows.

The numbers are for each of my son’s birth months – such significant numbers in my life, months when myΒ strength was tested, I learned new elements to love, and experienced huge moments of growth.

And I needed a few more pops of color, especially to separate the numbers, but have never been a birthstone person. So I chose the Mini Geo Bar for love (the rose quartz) and the bar for strength (the blue aventurine).

For two more days I am hosting a special design sessions for my friends and family, and you can connect with Mary to have her work on a special piece for you too. You can connect with Mary here to learn more. πŸ™‚

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