Here & There

It was another one of those weekends where we were just busy with life.

Nothing crazy, just the chaos that comes with life with three little dudes. 

My mother-in-law left these awesome draw by shapes books for the boys, and Wrigley and I have been having a great time drawing together.

It was seriously the highlight of my weekend, finally finding something him and I could do together and both equally enjoy!


There was also our standard Saturday walk, but this time I found something. Something with a free sign….that came home with us.

I swear, this is not becoming a hobby of mine. But I mean honestly, those holiday light displays are so expensive. And this one is SOOOOO insanely cool.

So yes, yes I did dumpster dive. Again. But that was the absolute last time. For real.


There was a donut, heavy on the sprinkles.

For good measure.


And a lazy Saturday at BaBa’s with a movie and naps.


And on Sunday a big seasonal shopping excursion with the family, followed by a football filled lunch on the patio.

It was definitely a great weekend, and all the sunshine and warmth was much appreciated. But I am kind of starting to look forward to the calm that the cold brings. And I could pinch myself for admitting this, but am kind of looking forward to those days where the sunshine is sparse, which leads to the bear life – sleeping winter away in the den.

However, we are going to pretend I just didn’t say (write) that, and keep on enjoying that sunshine.

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