Reality Check

Yesterday hit me like a ton of bricks.

Too tired. Too overwhelmed. Too burnt-out. Too depleted.

I broke down the second Dan walked in the door, and within minutes he was out the door with all three boys – his first outing alone with all of them.

And in a tizzy, I cleaned my house from top to bottom.

But somewhere along the line, as laundry baskets of unfolded clothes were emptied into neatly separated piles on my bed, it dawned on me…

Why am I freaking out over all the clothes that need to be folded and put away? I mean, my kids have nice, new clothes.

Why am I freaking out over a dirty house? We have such a beautiful little house.

It all suddenly felt so silly. My meltdown felt so silly.

I finished cleaning the house and Dan and the boys returned home soon after. They were all happy, no one was freaking out or name calling or hitting or screaming – they just came in the house and started doing their own things.

As I was nursing Camden, I held his little hands and reminded myself, “this is everything”. I said the phrase to myself over and over again, silencing all those nonsense stressors and focused in on what matters.

Health. Happiness. Love.


There is this great book that the kids have calledΒ The Best Nest, that so perfectly captures this challenge to appreciate good for great.

And the song that the papa and mama bird sings pops into my head often, basically serving as my reality check within those long days when things don’t feel “good enough”.


That often times what we have, is all we need – and then some.

And that what we have truly is the best.



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