A Fallicious Sunday

Sundays during the fall are the best.

The sun is shining, but the breeze is cool. The mosquitos are gone. Football is on. And outside of hitting up a Sunday Runday, all signs point to – lazy!

After a slow morning at home, we geared up in our sexy socks and ran out for a bit of errands.


And then it was Red Zone time at Baba’s!

I worked and ate salmon cakes and salad, everyone else watched football and ate wings and pizza, and the cousins rumbled and tumbled like puppies.

After I nursed Cam down for a nap, and placed him in my Dad’s bed, I took a break from work and headed out to my favorite running trail along the lake. I felt so invigorated from the incredible views of fall settling in, and had a great run!

So yeah, it was pretty darn close to the perfect Sunday.

I have a feeling we have a lot of lazy Sundays in our future this fall and winter!

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Blogger at Those Golden Days. Caffeinated, camera happy mama bear ☕️. Wanna be athlete. Healthy foodie, with a side of 🍩 for good measure.

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