On from 4 to 5

For the entire month of September I had one project that kept floating from one day to the next. Never crossed off.

Take Camden’s four month pictures.

I took these pictures yesterday, and told myself they were his four month pictures. That I had made the cut by one day.

But as I uploaded them today, I realized that this baby is by no means a four month old in these pictures. That is a little man on the verge of turning six months old.

So here I am calling it like it is, these are your five month photos. And you will definitely have a ‘not pictured’ for your four month shots. Sorry about that my love!


Those smirks behind your thumb you are sucking. Those loud chatter calls when your brothers are wrestling. The way you can’t help but laugh when I rub my nose across your tummy. The silly grunts you make when you nurse. The way you grab at my cheeks and hold my face between your hands. Your continued hatred for your carseat. Your continued fascination when we sing to you. The looks you give your brothers, especially Parker, ha! The look you give your Dad when he gets home from work.


You are a little ball of love.

The softness of your cheeks and your smell are the most intoxicating thing in the world.

Please stay this way forever.

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