A Sweet & Sunny Saturday

Minnesota slays in late September and early October.

I mean really truly crushes the meaning of the phrase, “it is a beautiful day”.

Those two to three golden weeks are a special love tap from the tundra state – a gift that says, thanks for loving me despite my wretched frigid winter ways.

This time period has a way of making me believe that nothing else in life exists. Laundry, what is that? Mopped floors, who needs those? Broken latch on the car door, lets keep pretending that isn’t a thing, ok?

Dan got home early from work on Saturday, and we kept our ‘ignore all responsibilities’ streak going strong!

The original plan was to hit up a new Minneapolis dairy-free ice cream shop that we were eyeing all summer. But Dan pulled an audible and we found ourselves over near the University of Minnesota….lost on a dead-end road, until the husband yelled Eureka and there we were.

At T-Rex Cookie.


But this wasn’t just any cute little coffee shop with tasty treats. We happened to be at a nationally recognized cookie shop, that had just in fact opened it’s doors four months ago!


The New York Post rightfully crowned this cookie shop the number one in the country for many reasons, and we couldn’t agree with them more!

Creative flavors, crumbly outer crust, super soft center, not f-ing around on the sizes!

We mellowed. Ate our bellies full of sweets. Sipped on coffee. And played with the many t-rex toys that were tucked throughout the shop.

But then we remembered that there was sun to be enjoyed and loads of sugar to be burned, so we headed to Lake Calhoun for a long walk and lots of playground stops!


The rest of the weekend was also gorgeous – heavy on the summer vibes, light on the to-do’s. And we took full advantage of both!

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