Breathing Deep

Yesterday was one of those days where you find yourself constantly tilting your chin up to the sky, closing your eyes, and breathing deep.

Where you have unintentionally escaped reality, hit the pause button on life, and enjoyed a sliver of the slow and quiet.

We were so fortunate to find some amazing friends during our first year of preschool. And even though we are now in different schools, the friendships have only grown stronger!

Yesterday we hit up a state park with our crew, and it was pretty much the most perfect fall day. Sunny, cool, plenty of leaves still on the trees, plenty on the ground for crunching. Nothing but fall beauty as far as the eyes could see!


The kids ran, collected “nature rocks” as Wrigley noted, poked in campground fire pits, threw rocks and pine cones in the river, fought over a toy leaf blower, shared snacks and lunch.

Ha, two moms – six kids – two babies in baby carriers – two wild card middle children ….always good times!

The kids use to mostly play around each other, but now love to actually play with each other. And it is so much fun to watch them run around together, and hear them laughing away.

Thank goodness for great friends, state parks, and all that the fall brings into life!

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