Friday Feels

I keep thinking that we are unusually busy. Feeling unusually exhausted.

But this week I realized, we are just in that chapter of life.

We were all out for a walk earlier this week, and I was explaining to Dan how exhausted I felt.

But as I listened to the words come out of my mouth, I had this moment of realization and acceptance that this is the way life is for the time being.

We have three little boys, who are all very busy and wild in their own ways.

We have busy work schedules.

And we have lots that we love to do.

So, we just need to slow our roll when and where we can, and keep trucking along. Because one day, there will be sleep again. And there will be lessΒ crazy to manage. And then, ironically enough, we will likely miss all the crazy.


So here is to loving the crazy! And to embracing the calm moments, when they so mysteriously make themselves known!

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