Seasons & Milestones

The funny thing about littles ones, it is hard to remember them at any point other than the one they are currently in.

I know Wrigley and Parker were once Camden’s age, and once wore the very clothes he now wears, and yet I can’t grasp the memories to prove it.

It is always with the changes in seasons that I am reminded of where they were at this time last year. And how little they have experienced so far. Which makes them seem like such babes, so green to the world around them.

Wrigley is learning to work for his money and pay for his toys (hello Lego set addiction), and has been helping my family with various jobs to earn a bit of cash. On Saturday he helped rake leaves at my Dad’s house.

As his pile of leaves began to form, I figured that P would be my wild child that he is and jump in the leaves, but he had no clue what to do.

I then remembered that this time last year he wasn’t yet walking on his own, and jumping in piles of leaves was not yet a thing.


He was trying to muscle through the leaves, trying to walk straight through the thick of it, and it was comical to watch.

Wrigley and I tried explaining to him that the fun of leaves, comes with the jumping and throwing. But he just wasn’t buying it, so moved on to other happenings.


And apparently it is tiring work to watch people rake leaves, because this one was out within minutes.

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