Whole Life – 30

Ever since Dan returned to work from his paternity leave, I felt as if I am in survival mode.

Ping ponging from one happening to the next. Always adding more to my schedule and to-do list. Going to bed late. Waking up early. Pushing to do more, more, more.

But it turns out there is a limit to living life at that pace.

It starts with caffeine losing its jolt. Then turns into your hair falling out in clumps. And you soon find yourself in a weekly meltdown, always induced by exhaustion.

I reached my tipping point this last Friday. I waved my flag and gave up. And all because I was thirteen minutes late to a pediatrician appointment, forced to reschedule, and sent home after a mad dash to try to get downtown in time.

As a result, I spent majority of Friday in a sobbing mess. And it did me no good.

Eventually I got my butt in gear and headed out for a walk alone, tuning into a podcast episode that had been recommended to me by a friend. And the information about priorities, health goals, and results struck a huge cord with me.

What in the hell was I doing? I have lost complete sight of basic human needs and how to prioritize health.

So I sat down on a bench. Tuned out in the windy dusk of the day, and thought through the problem and a basic solution.

The problem: I am trying to fit 32 hours worth of happenings into a 24 hour day, leaving barely any time for myself or my loved ones, let alone sleep.

The solution: To develop a new routine and schedule for the day, establish boundaries, focus on fundamental needs, and simplify commitments. Ultimately, restore balance!


So I am starting a reset today. A life reset.

I am using both the food reset structure of the Whole30, with a focus on the Whole9 lifestyle priorities.


Here are a few of my key rules to the reset:

1.  Get myself ready for the day before diving into work at 4:00 a.m.

2. Map out clear hours for work, and clear hours for family and personal time

3. Reach for the phone less – stuff can wait, the kids shouldn’t have to

4. Train less – train smarter

5. Eliminate the unnecessary stress around eating by no longer tracking macros, and sticking to whole, nourishing foods

6. Implement a 3/3/3 goal setting strategy every morning when I wake up – writing down my top 3 priorities of the day, my top 3 personal to-do’s for the day, and my top 3 work to-do’s for the day


Don’t get me wrong, in the six weeks I tracked macros, it was helpful in cutting body fat.


But I had become so focused on hitting my macros and lifting goals, that I forgot about the basic details to living healthy. Eating clean, nutrient dense foods. Resting and recovering. 

Now is the perfect time to remind myself that losing weight doesn’t equal being healthy. There is oh so much more to feeling great and living a long life!


Here is my meal plan for week 1 of my reset:


Monday B – Eggs & Orange

                 L – Midwest Poke Bowl

                 D- Chicken, Cabbage and Apples

Tuesday B – Eggs & Orange

                 L – Midwest Poke Bowl

                 D – Beef, Carrots and Bok Choy

Wednesday B – Turkey Sausage & Roasted Butternut Squash

                       L – Midwest Poke Bowl

                       D – Eggs & Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Thursday B – Turkey Sausage & Roasted Butternut Squash

                   L – Midwest Poke Bowl

                   D – Pork Tenderloin Stir Fry

Friday B – Turkey Sausage & Roasted Butternut Squash

              L – Beef Taco Salad

              D – Eggs & Roasted Sweet Potatoes

Saturday B – Eggs & Orange Slices

                  L – Chicken Stir Fry

                  D – Sausage, Sweet Potato Hash and Broccoli

And if I feel like I am hungry in between meals, I have cashews, apples, and sliced turkey.

Operation simplify life and feel physically and mentally better – GO!


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