Life These Days Is

Brothers reading to each other all the time. My heart exploding every time.

And Parker telling Camden not to touch the books. Some times.


Life these days is all about the leaves.

And my constant old lady comments about the leaves to the boys.

“Have the leaves always been this beautiful?”

“Oh man boys, I think the peak of the season is here!”

“Boys, can you believe this?! Remember this day, because winter will be here soon.”

Life these days is wrestling.

Everyone. All the time.

Life these days is teething, andΒ drooling through three shirts a day.


Life these days are long walks, and books in strollers.


And naps in the baby carrier.


Life these days is Wrigley constantly surprising me.

Surprising me with what he knows and pays attention to. The things he says. His reaction to situations. How confident and fun-loving he is.


Life these days is Parker no longer being allowed to consume dairy because it always ends in vomit. In the stroller.

And me being the mom who lets her child run around in socks and diapers. Because. You know, you only live once type logic.


Life these days is time outside as often as possible. Hoodies in the morning, and t-shirts in the afternoon.

Life these days is busy with playdates. Dinners with family and friends. And family outings to the gym for Dan and I to lift together.

Life these days is pretty amazing.

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