It is ironic – while this is a chaotic and tiring time of our lives, I constantly find myself begging my brain to remember so many moments from the day.

Like when Wrigley doesn’t think I am listening to him and quietly tells Parker that he, Mom and Dad are the bosses. And Parker is the child.

Or the level of unruly that is his hair. No matter what I, or hair stylists, do to it.

Or his recent fascination with climbing onto and over everything, which is such a new characteristic trait for him.

Or when I catch him singing to Camden. Or playing with him. Or telling him stories. And just how overall in love with each other those two are.

Or the way he shakes his hand at me during bedtime books, because he wants me to scratch his hand while he snuggles into me.

And this one. Oh my goodness. The one who makes me slow down and remember just how young two really is.

I wish I could freeze his facial expressions. That mean mug that can’t help but soften into a smile. And the way he crosses his arms and says, “no, I donnnn’t like that”.

Or those moments when he gets the giggles over something Wrigley says and he just can’t stop laughing.

Or the way he rubs Camden’s head like Buddha’s belly and kisses his head.

Or how frustrated he gets when something doesn’t work just right. He gets so mad that I can’t help but smile at his fire.

Or his beautiful little curls.

Or how he loves to sit up on the counter and help me with food prep, but I think secretly just wants to be close to the action so he gets to eat first.


I feel like this is the time of our lives. The time when Dan and I are old, will miss the most.

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