Make Pop, Cake Pop

This week has been a game changer in so many ways (ah thank you life reset and My Morning Routine).

One of my favorite changes has been my three day limitation on gym time.

Still in need of activity, I have instead been turning to long walks baby-wearing, and pushing my two pom pom heads in the stroller.

Yesterday was cold, but oh so perfectly sunny and beautiful.

And mama needed a coffee in the worst way. So we were off to our usual Starbucks and lake walk per the norm.

The little dudes spotted some Mummy Cake Pops at the ‘Bucks. So as we like to say in our house, we make popped, cake pop!


This one couldn’t figure out where his thumb went, so passed out with his chopper on his face pretty quickly.

And the boys and I relaxed, enjoying the crunching of the leaves and all that sunshine. And I may or may not have caught up on the news on my phone while we walked……and was asked by a teenager if I was playing Pokemon Go. No, sorry. I am not, but thank you for reminding me to get off my phone.

And then someone got hat hair in the worst way. And wasn’t very happy about it. I feel you bro. But that volume!

We ended our stroll on the dock, making sure the geese and fish were minding their p’s and q’s, and all seemed in order for the day.

Looking forward to more perfect fall weather in the days to come!

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Blogger at Those Golden Days. Caffeinated, camera happy mama bear ☕️. Wanna be athlete. Healthy foodie, with a side of 🍩 for good measure.

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