Little of This, Little of That

I want to say that the weekend was really mellow and predictable. But it wasn’t because of one main, but very big thing. The Chicago Cubs advanced to the World Series!

And I married a man who was born rooting for the team that never won. Until now.

And for that reason, the weekend was exciting and unpredictable!

On Friday we rallied our last ounce of energy for the week and met some friends at a pumpkin patch.


Parker yelled at the goats, and surprised me by falling in love with the bounce house.

Wrigley showed me how to climb on top of large bales of hay without assistance. And how to go down anΒ inflatable slide 600 times, enjoying every time as much as the first.

On Saturday my father-in-law came by for a visit. He took Wrigley shopping for toys while the younger two napped, and then we ended our day with church and a late dinner out.

On Sunday morning before my father-in-law had to leave again, we made our way to our favorite local breakfast spot and partook in the Sunday feast. The kind of feast where you eat a few snacks mid-afternoon, but aren’t truly hungry again until dinnertime.

The afternoon was grocery shopping and a few chores, and dinner was with some friends, followed by early bedtimes for all.

So see, all around mellow and predictable. But there was that time on Saturday night when Dan screamed into a pillow so he didn’t wake the boys. And I saw his face light up in a way that is rarity. That man’s dreams came true!

Tonight is game one of the World Series, so we will be on the emotional rollercoasterΒ that is the life of a Cubs fan until the end of the week.

Go Cubs Go!

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