That One Year

Oh Halloween 2016, you will definitely be one of those, “man, do you remember Halloween 2016?! – a statement we will say with a laugh.

Definitely not a bad holiday by any means. But an odd one for sure!

Perhaps it was the Monday effect. I mean really, Halloween on a Monday….

Dan and I had busy workdays that kicked our schedule to the curb, and we left way later than we had planned to as a result. And also ran out of time to be those cool parents all dressed up in our finest (or bluest) costumes.

The boys had colds, snotty noses, and bad coughs.

And well, there was that 6 month old who was ready to call it a night, just as we were getting our butts in gear to head out.

Despite the weather forecasts for the perfect evening, it turned cold, breezy and drizzly by sunset. So we bundled the boys, and our little Phantom was not thrilled about the change in attire.

But oh man, Grandma and Papito saved the day! Not only did they help get these trick-or-treaters out the door for the activities, but they rallied and got them excited for the candy march.

Meanwhile these cool kids…

Took selfies, after nursing a baby to sleep, and keeping him asleep bundled up against Dan’s freakish body heat.

Most days, the saying – life is comical, feels like an understatement.

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