The Loyal Fan

I never cared for baseball much growing up, but I married into the Cubbies culture. And thus learned their history and started to get into that Chicago spirit.

Dan on the other hand, lives for that royal blue team. He has spent his whole life cheering them on. Through bad, worse, glimpses of great, and countless heartbreaks.

So this goes without saying, but the last few weeks have been an emotional rollercoaster around here.

And the closing night of the playoffs happened to be the most stressful yet.


We caught Wrigley sneaking out of bed on Tuesday night to watch game 6, so for game 7 we agreed to let him stay up.


Wrigley and I were both a bit squirrelly  and tired – – all of these late nights watching baseball have crushed me!

And we ended up sending Wrigley to bed at the bottom of the sixth because his level of squirrelly was reaching an ultimate high, and I knew Dan needed to focus.

Which then turned into him pacing the room for close to two hours.


But after a lot of highs, and a lot of swearing, and doubts over where the night was going to go, it happened.

I mean it really truly happened.

It was such an incredible experience to share that moment with Dan. Words cannot describe what it was like to see him in that moment.

But oh man, we are still riding that championship high today. The Cubbies did it! They finally, really truly did it!

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