The Inaugural First Dusting

We went from 60 degrees and sunny, to ‘oh my gosh – my face hurts from the wind’ within one day. Minnesota, you are predictably, unpredictable.

I want to say we were robbed. But no we weren’t. We were in long sleeve shirts through mid-November.

It was bound to happen soon. But oh man did it roar in like a lion.

On Friday afternoon, the winds howled, and the snow began to fall.

The boys begged us to take them outside to play, but we held off until Saturday morning.

Someone is officially out of the baby snow suit and into bibs, and he was oh so excited to be sporting a look like his big brother.

So excited in fact, that he couldn’t help but throw in a bit of wrestling before heading outside.

We must have looked crazy to our neighbors. The boys broke out the sled, and there I was running figure eight’s, pulling the boys on wild sled rides, on our meek dusting of snow.

But they had fun, and laughed their little butts off, which is all that matters to me.

The rest of the weekend was equally cold, but mellow and productive.


The hibernation season for this bear family has officially begun, and I am a wee bit excited about it. I have been dreaming of cold days in bed with a book for weeks now!

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