We got a bonus round holiday this weekend, all thanks to my two favorite New Yorkers who were home for a quick visit.

They weren’t here for Thanksgiving, and won’t be here for Christmas – so the weekend became our Thanksmas!

Why have one day of food and family, when you can have three?!


There was brunch at a local favorite.


A pizza party.

Followed by a very cold walk at the lake and trip to the playground.


A snowy outing for family photos.

That turned into a snow eating palooza.


With even more snow eating deliciousness thrown in.

Oh my two little snow loving weirdos.


When snow was not being eaten, it was being converted into snowballs. With mischievous smiles lurking behind unsuspecting parents.


But the babies were getting mad, so we called the photoshoot a wrap, and headed back home.


The older cousins hit the backyard for snowman building, while the baby cousins warmed up with snuggles.


And eventually naps.


Then it was time for more food, before snuggling up in Baba’s bed for a  movie.


After the movie, we brought our weekend festivities to close with a grand finale.

A Thanksmas feast.

And we feast. Feast. Feast. Feast. Feast. Feast.

The older cousins took one last lap in the snow, while the adults enjoyed their last drinks, and the baby cousins exchanged secrets.


My New Yorkers are now back on their home turf, but we are keeping the holiday spirit going strong, with many Christmas plans on the book between now and the big day! 🙂

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