Lou Bear the Greatest

Some of the latest Wrigley moments I cannot forget.

The time during dinner when he turned towards his aunt and asked if she likes fish. And then opened his mouth revealing his chewed food. Joke nailed.

The night when, after reading the nativity story, he asked – “so is Santa Jesus?”.

{rockstar photographer credit}

The time when Dan was asking him a bunch of ‘rapid fire’ questions, and Wrigley’s response to what do you want to be when you grow up, was a monster. And his response to what are you afraid of, was nothing.

That at the ripe age of 5, this kid’s food request for breakfast, lunch, or dinner is always steak.

When he did yard work for my Dad to earn a bit of money, and when my Dad asked if $5 was fair, Wrigley’s response was, how many bucks do you have?

Of all the Lou Bears in the world, you are the Wrigley Louiest.

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