This Too

We have had some very long nights in this house lately.

Teething man. That is some intense stuff right there.

I remember long nights with Wrigley (ha, crawling out of his room so he wouldn’t see me leave). I remember long nights with Parker (him calling me back into his room every time I closed that door and sat down thinking I could now relax and read).

But I can’t recall a time when Wrigley or Parker wouldn’t let me put them down. When I would lie them down in their beds, in what I thought was a deep sleep, only to see them bolt their head at me and begin to cry again.

Camden. This has been Camden’s thing.

We had three days this week where he would not let me lie him down. He had to be firmly held against my body, cozied into the fold of my arm, or snuggled firmly against me in the baby carrier.

Now I know this is nothing unusual for many other parents. But I have a hard time without having a bit of personal space every day. No chance to shower, get ready for bed, go workout, etc. It depletes my patience reservoir,Β to have no time to reset.

And its not like he would go to Dan during this bout. It was only me. Mama on lockdown.


Last week during one 2:00 a.m. moment with Camden. While he fussed and cried, it was clear that I was frustrated and burnt out. And Dan reminded me, “love, this too should pass”.

They always do. All the moments. Good or bad. They march on.


So I downloaded the Kindle app to my phone. Purchased a new novel. And snuggled that baby in, reminding myself that, this too shall pass. But to enjoy it for what it is.

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