Date with Dude W

Earlier this week, Wrigley and I snuck out for some time alone. Something that hasn’t happened in way too long!

Our date of choice – holiday shopping at the Mall of America.

It has been on my to-do list to stop by Ikea for ages, which happens to be across the street from the good ol’ MOA, so we made a trek out of it.

Cam is not yet on solids, and never did take a bottle, so we had to be efficient with our outing, but still had a blast getting in some one-on-one time together!

First, and most important stop, the Lego Store!

Wrigley had a bit of cash he wanted to spend, and he picked out some Christmas gifts for others while we were there.


Second stop – obviously Starbucks.

Christmas cake pop.

No further words necessary.


We ran in a few more stores, but not without taking advantage of all the fun displays that were up for the holidays.

Wrigley kept posing next to things, including just a regular tree, asking me to take his picture. I think he was loving theΒ center of attention situation.

We were just about to leave, when I saw an elf looking rather lonely down near the Santa side of the lower level. I have never taken the kids to meet Santa, because the guy really freaks me out. But I thought – what the heck, lets round out this Christmas outing with a visit to Saint Nick.

Wrigley was somewhat whatever about the dude. He told him he wanted a spooky Lego set, and then Santa (and the photographer) awkwardly kept working on poses for the “perfect shot”. It was weird, and annoying, and so not what a trip to Santa should be about. But apparently malls gotta make that money money this time of year.

He did give Wrigley a special gold coin that was a cute keepsake from the experience. But I don’t foresee Wrigley asking to visit him again.

Santa fail.

We beat traffic and came home to dinner already made, and two calm brothers who were excited to see us.

As Cam gets a bit older and less reliant on me for food, I am hoping for more opportunities for one-on-one time with Wrigley and Parker.

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