Holiday Baking

This holiday season, baking for the people who work at the child center at our gym was a high priority to-do.

They allow Dan and I to essentially squeeze in two to three dates a week, and for that, we are beyond grateful and were wanting to say thank you!

Now, I hate to bake. A lot. I am too impatient with the process.

And Dan, well, he is very particular about the way things are done.

So neither of us are exactly good fits for working with young ones in the kitchen.

However, I reminded myself of one of my favorite details on parenting from The Happiness Project. Gretchen wrote about traditions and to-do’s around the holidays and how/why to not make a big fuss over all the things. To remember that these traditions and to-do’s are in place to create experiences, and if the experiences are not enjoyable – what is the point?

So I kept things simple, and kept my lips zipped when Dan wanted to take over on the cookie cutter details.

I bought a gluten-free sugar cookie mix, let the boys mix it, and Dan got to work on shaping and baking.


And when it came time for decorating, I reminded myself to let the boys take the lead, and that any and all messes could be cleaned.

In fact, I tried my best to busy myself with dishes so that I wouldn’t micromanage and just let them do their thing.


And in the end, we had a great bag of cookies to deliver to the child center, and two sugar hyped boys who were proud of their work.

Mission accomplished.

I also took on the task of making one of my grandma’s recipes, which has been an involved process. One that I still have to finish either today or tomorrow, because I doubled the batch of dough and need to prep and bake the final half of the mixture. 12 cups of flour later…….

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