Christmas 2016

Christmas this year was just all around wonderful. I mean really truly packed with memories from top to bottom.

From the time our celebration began on Friday, to the time we wrapped up our festivities on Sunday, a smile was firmly plastered on my face.

On Friday we went to Sky Zone, ran a few errands, and wrapped up a few Christmas prep projects.

Saturday started with our annual visit to Glam Doll Donuts for Santa’s treat, and included a round of Candyland, and an attempt at our annual photo booth photo. But the photo booth was broken, so we had to fake it.

We got donuts. And Cam got to look at a pink Christmas tree. A short lived distraction.


Church was very entertaining. Parker was on point with the toddler antics.

I don’t know what was funnier – him yelling ‘Jesus is born’ during the service, or giving us these gem family photos.

After church we relaxed at home for a bit before heading our for Indian food. But called it an early night after dinner, since the day was so busy.

On Christmas Day, Camden was up first, and then Parker, and finally Wrigley.

We let wrapping paper and presents overtake our living room floor, and sat back and enjoyed all the wonderful.

Later that morning we hosted a brunch, but the family ended up staying until the boys were put to bed.

It was a very fun day, filled with an insane amount of food, and lots of incredible family time.

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