Sleep. Overrated.

With each baby I have completely forgotten how brutal teething is. How, I have no clue.

Each time I return to that delusional state of sleep deprivation, close to crying like a baby myself, I think right. Yes, I remember this.

The funny thing with Camden is his stopping point.

So we frequently hit 1:00 a.m. with our restlessΒ baby, his discomfort and frustration takes over and then he just loses it for a solid ten to fifteen minutes.

But then.

Then he stops screaming. Looks at Dan and I, and starts giving us this smile. Like, oh, you two, where did you come from. Have you been here long? Is it time to play?

It cracks me up, that grin of his.

Last week was heavily impacted by this night routine, and the weekend was no different. Oh, but Parker had an ear infection thrown into the mix.

So the weekend was chill. Low on sleep. But filled with sweet faces, snoozing away during the day.

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