Scheduling Fun

This week I mapped out something fun for the kids and I to do together every day this week. Simple activities really.

I know that sounds crazy, but it is too easy for me to get wrapped up in work or house chores, and to spend the whole day doing everything but spending quality time with the kiddos.

So a plan was born. And the plan definitely helped.

One day this week we went to our favorite playground, mid snowfall, just to get a bit of fresh air and to shake things up.


First came the 10 year process of bundling all three children up for 20 degree weather.


And carefully timing our departure with this dude’s nap so that he could pass out in doubled-up snowsuits and the baby carrier.

But then we were off. Cam asleep. Me chasing the boys as a snow beast. And Wrigley and Parker enjoying their time running around in the snow.

Then it was time in the hobbit house.

Parker was Santa delivering toys to the creatures. And Wrigley was….throwing snow down the chimney on Parker’s face. Parker laughing the whole time. The game didn’t make sense to me.


We stayed outside for a solid chunk of time, and made a pit stop in the nature center before heading home. There were animals to say hi to, and bananas to eat while we thawed.


Time together. No tantrums. Creative play. No screen time.

The boys and I got in two mornings like this last week, and I am hoping to go for three or four in the week to come.

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