Camping We Will Go

It finally happened this week.

We stopped chasing time. And it was glorious.

We weren’t late for things. We weren’t running out of time before we even began. In fact, there were a number of times we found ourselves with a bit extra.

I know it will be short lived. I know these things ebb and flow. But good grief it felt good to find ourselves with a bit of excessΒ and to not be in a constant state of frazzled.

And of all weeks, this was the week we needed slow days, with unscheduled time.

Cam. Two teeth. Loads of night screaming. Very little sleep for Dan and I.

So what did we do? We went camping!

The boys and I flexed our imaginations this week and did lots of pretending. My favorite kind of play!

This is always my favorite part of winter. When we hide from the cold and do all the mellow things indoors. And this weekend will be continuation of said winter activities.

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