Life These Days Is

Three little boys, all at such very different stages in life. Moving forward much too quickly. Still looking back from time to time to make sure I am with them as they push their boundaries.

Always loves. Always.

A 9 month sleep regression.

And our hopeless attempt to find a solution that works for everyone.


Lazy mornings pushing for naps with Cam. Setting timers on screen time for the boys


Honey and go-go. A win at any time of the day.




Building. Creating. Digging through pieces.


A new found love for peanut butter. Especially peanut butter on toast.

Why have I spent my whole live avoiding peanut butter? #deeplifequestions


A little potty that follow us everywhere.


These two, forming a friendship. Craving time next to each other. And Parker constantly proclaiming his love for Camden as if he was just born.


Life these days is a constant state of chaos, exhaustion, but oh so much laughter.


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Blogger at Those Golden Days. Caffeinated, camera happy mama bear β˜•οΈ. Wanna be athlete. Healthy foodie, with a side of 🍩 for good measure.

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