Still See It

I often catch myself these days staring at Wrigley’s little face. Combing over all his features, and pulling out the details from his baby days.

I can’t help it. He is so much little boy, and those baby days feel like a lifetime ago.

The things he says and asks are so intelligent and thoughtful. His jokes are so very five year old, quickly going on six. And his laughter (or giggles I should say), infectious as ever.

These moments do bring me a lot of comfort though.

Because that silly little five year old rocking the skinny jeans and chucks, still has so very many features from his baby days.


Please never change Wrigley.

Let those laughs become louder. Let your heart grow bigger and only more caring. And let your ideas and questionsΒ inspire you to do great things.

Oh, and always let me squeeze you and hold you in my arms when you fall (and skid your forehead like yesterday).

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