The Clear Change

Being only five and a half years into parenthood, there are only a few growth shifts we have experienced to date.

The one from newborn to baby. Baby to toddler. And toddler to little boy.

Parker is currently inching back and forth between toddler and little boy, and I have a feeling that his days with toddler tendencies are numbered.

For starters, the kid just up and quit diapers one day. This really surprised Dan and I, proving to us that we are still just starting to learn who our children are and what their personalities are like.

He is learning to articulate his feelings so much more clearly. Which is amazing to hear. But oh man, I will be so sad when that sweet little voice is gone. Some of his current amazing sayings: no anything, mom – you got to get me my snack now (!), you got to turn on ‘My Handclap’, Mom – I love Cam Bam, look Mom – Cam Bam is smiling at me, and of course – I love you mommy.

He is so big in his response to things. I mean always yelling, jumping, dancing, laughing loudly. He is just a very animated guy.

Oh but then he still works that “ba” of his – sounds just like Maggie Simpson on the baby monitor as we hear him sucking away on his pacifier. Which we will have him give up here soon.

And those eyes of his, try as he might to not need a nap, always get heavy at 2:00 p.m. on the dot and he forfeits to sleep.


He loves imaginative play, and is very good at coming up with ideas, whether with others or on his own.

But perhaps one of my favorite things about this point in life, is the way he teases at night.  I tuck him in, kiss him goodnight, and he yells at me that he is wiping away my kisses. Then tells me I need to kiss him again and tuck him in again. This game continues until I say it is time to call it a night.

For as stressful as two has been, I will ironically hold on to the memories from this year for the rest of my life. Two has provided some of my most cherished Parker moments ever.

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