Bottle It Up

One of my biggest struggles as a parent is my desperate attempt to remember it all.

I mean, I can’t even remember where I put my keys most days. But what the kids say, the things they do – I am constantly begging my brain to file those moments away forever and ever.

But then I get all philosophical with my wandering thoughts and remind myself that I will likely remember very little from my days as time marches on.

I won’t remember the things the kids say, the sound of their laugher, the way their little legs look when they run. Is all I can do is sink into the moment, silence all distractions and soak up the experience. Focus less on capturing the memory, and more on experiencing the moment.

I think that has been a big reason why my blogging has slowed.

Life is hectic. More hectic than usual right now as we prepare to move. And I have been pushing myself to limit distractions.

It has been good. And has worked well to put me where I need to be.

Oh, but the things, the things these boys are saying I just have to jot down because they are too good to miss.

Parker: (grabs all the chocolate crosses from the Easter section) These are my favorite spooky candies!

Me: Why are they spooky? 

Pareker: Because they are from the graveyard (said while dropping and breaking all the crosses)

Me: (listening to Wrigley ask Parker to bring him a ton of toys and telling him good work in between his requests) Wrigley, why are you having Parker bring you all of this stuff? Why aren’t you getting it? 

Wrigley: Oh Mom, because Parker is just Parker. 

Me: (checking out a Lego that was assembled) wow, who created this buddy? 

Parker: Wrigley. He is very smart.

Me: Yeah, this is really cool, he is a smart guy. I think you are pretty smart too you know? 

Parker: No, Wrigley is smart. I am cute. 

** Wrigley always looking for work to earn money and while doing his task eagerly talking about money the entire time. One day while helping to pick up asphalt, he kept referring to it as ‘ass’. “Mom, aren’t I doing such a good job picking up the ass?”

** Parker when he wants something or gets upset about something, fists clenched, leaning back and shouting in his little voice, “I already told youuuuuuuu. Why you not listen meeeeeeeeeee?” 

I swear the list could go on and on.

Thank goodness for these guys and their funny ways. They bring so much joy to the world around them.

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