Consider the CamBam

So my brain is kind of stuck in a Moana level of reality.

I mean really, could Disney have perfected a kids movie any better?!

But for real, so much good in one little package, especially the soundtrack.

One of the songs on the soundtrack oddly makes me think of Camden every time I hear it. And it has got to be the most random thought bridge EV-AH.

The line is, “Consider the coconuts, the trunks and the leaves, the island gives us what we need”.

I know…a for real stretch.

But Camden is about as calm, predictable and happy as babies come. Sure the kid is kind of demanding in the sleep department, but is otherwise insanely easy to please. He gives us what we need.

He is the steadfast balance of happy and chill. He completes this family in ways I never thought a baby could.

As this little man approaches his first birthday, I am filled with so much gratitude for his presence. And am in awe at what a blessing he is.

He gives us what we need.

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