That’s A Wrap

We packed. We moved. We cleaned. We signed sold. Our move is complete.

It was all such a whirlwind of a weekend, but yesterday we officially closed on our house.

I didn’t think I would feel sad as we did our final walk through. We really had outgrown the house sooner than expected. But it was hard to say goodbye to our little cove. I really enjoyed our time there and the life and routine we developed there.

TGD, 4:26:17 2

While there is much to be missed about that little home, my window in the master bedroom will be the thing I miss most.

The wall of pines that served as a constant source of green in the gray of winters was the best of the best. Those tall trees would sway in the wind, and I would either lay in bed snuggling/nursing babies, or would sit in the rocking chair and watch the trees. It was the best spot in the whole house.

TGD, 4:26:17 1

The view was a constant source of calmΒ and serene, and it was the spot where I stole away time with Parker when he was a baby and Cam during his first year of life.

I am so grateful that we were able to buy that house when we did, and for all that home gave to us in the time we were there. So many amazing memories will forever be tied to that address.

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