The Last First Birthday

Last Friday we had all the reminiscent feels. It was Cam’s first birthday. A day filled with so many many memories.

But while our hearts and minds were full, our energy tank was running on E, and the day was somewhat anticlimactic.

Sorry littlest love.

After the most exhausting week of our lives trying to settle life from the move, we pulled together a little dinner to celebrate Cam’s day.

Dan and I were walking talking zombies. And the boys were unsettled, overtired hooligans.

But heck, zombies and hooligans still party! So, kind of, party we did!

After a quiet morning at home, the boys and I headed out to grab food for the gathering.

Wrigley and Parker got to sample the birthday cake spread early, while poor Cam realized how unfair it is to beΒ the baby of the family.

TGD, 5:5:17 3

Big brother work. So tough.

TGD, 5:5:17 4

We rode the sugar high through a few more errands, and headed home to quickly hide the unsettled clutter from the move and to throw up a few banners and balloons.

TGD, 5:5:17 5

We served a basic spread of BBQ chicken, berries, zucchini, burgers and chips, and then went a little overboard with the donut spread.

We ended up throwing out half of those because it turns out our party goers are a little burnt out on donuts. Ha!

Cam kept wanting to nurse and fall asleep, so we quickly moved along to singing and gifts.

TGD, 5:5:17 6

And our baby boy was interested for a hair of a second.

Thank you Cam for all the sweetness you bring into the world. Every day we celebrate your presence in our lives!

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