My Day

For this year’s Mother’s Day, I happily accepted my crown and took the spotlight. I let the boys spoil me and make the day all about me.

Well, until it took a classic ‘day in the life of a mom’ turn.

We woke up and took a walk along the lake, up to Starbucks. Stocked up on coffee and snacks and walked back home.

Dan made me my favorite omelette from my favorite breakfast spot.

Then we cleaned up and hit the road for a day of adventure.

TGD, 5:19:17 1

A visit to my Mom’s, lunch at the Life Cafe so that we could tour a new Alpha facility at Lifetime.

We are officially the biggest nerds in the world.

TGD, 5:19:17 2

But our kids appreciate our gym tours. So I guess that counts as something. Right?!

TGD, 5:19:17 5

For my Mother’s Day gift, the boys took me shopping at Lululemon and Athleta. The best gift ever!

And in return, I talked Dan into FroYo for the kids.

TGD, 5:19:17 6

The day was ending on a lovely note, until we learned a valuable lesson. Our kids don’t tolerate FroYo, or perhaps that much sugar.

It was a mess of all kinds.

We fell asleep holding Cam upright, surrounded by towels. And the older boys tucked in after multiple trips to the potty.

Now those are the moments that make memories!

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