Forming a Habit

When I launched this happiness project it was my goal to develop a habit of gratitude.

To automatically, everyday, identify the shining moments, to stop, savor, and acknowledge.

Mission successfully accomplished.

Last week, on our first true summer day, the boys and I headed to the beach. I forgot what it is like to bring a baby to the beach, but the smiles on all of the boy’s faces far outweighed the trouble that comes with sand!

Wrigley was besides himself with joy. The sun, the water, the rocks, the sand. Everything was just as it should be for him.

Parker was captivated. So very busy playing with the sand and getting lost in the sights and sounds of the still day.

And this guy felt inspired.

Inspired to start crawling, right off the towel and into the water.

He couldn’t get enough of the sand and loved running the new to him texture back and forth through his fingers. It was amazing to watch his face as he absorbed it all.

TGD, 5:30:17 9

As the sand started making its way into the mouth and eyes, and Cam decided to take up swimming, this little man was cut off from his beach adventures and put to sleep.

The older two ran around, and I am fairly certain could have spent the remainder of the day out there if I would have let them.

It was a perfect day. The day after Wrigley’s last day of school. Our first official day of summer.

At one point I stared out over the lake, closed my eyes to absorb the sun and the sounds of the kids finding their joy, and thought to myself, “thank you for this moment – and all the moments before it, and all the moments after it”.

It was such a natural thought to have in the moment. A natural action to stop, savor and acknowledge.

I have officially developed a gratitude muscle, and my goodness does it enrich my life on so many levels!

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