That Pool Life

While it wasn’t even that brutal of a winter here in Minnesota, I cannot seem to get enough time outside.

The sun. The heat. I crave it.

By 8:00 a.m. every morning, I am mapping out my day and how to spend as much time outside as humanely possible. Or as much time outside as my kiddos will allow.

Wrigley, my winter baby, is particularly fussy about being outside in the heat too long.

Parker is pretty chill about it as long as he has space to play, and perhaps a snack at hand.

And Cam, well, I kind of forgot that babies need lots of shade. So sun time has to be limited.

Last week when I received a text from Dan to drive down after lunch for an impromptu pool date, I said absolutely YES! The pool and deck at his gym are AMAZING! Plus, it meant a solo lift for me, without worrying about the little guys in the child center. Win!

TGD, 6:6:17 1

Wrigley was a wild man. Gone in a second to the cascade of water at the fountain.

Parker was all sorts of pool deck chill.

And somehow Camden turned blonder. That wild Hulk Hogan hair of his.

TGD, 6:6:17 5

He was loving the pool, especially since he can sit and splash, but that sun heats him up pretty quickly. So him and I took to that umbrella life.

But luckily I had some pretty entertaining company under the umbrella.

I am at one of those stages with Parker right now where I cannot stop photographing his face. He is just shy of turning three and seems to be aging so very rapidly.

I forgot how quickly they snowball from toddler to boy around this age. And he is running head first into little boy territory.

I wish I could capture those long lashes, the sparkle of his blue eyes, that little voice that is somehow louder than a siren, and all the many Parkerisms that leave me in fits of laughter.

I wish I could keep him just like this forever. Even if those little fists of his think that everything and everyone enjoys a daily whomping.

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