The End of Always

Out of the three boys, Camden is the most attached to me. Literally. Physically.

He has been since the beginning. Nursing as often as I allow him. Sleeping at my chest. Gripping onto the collar of my shirt whenever I am within reach.

I have always wondered if any of my boys would give up nursing on their own. But Wrigley and Parker never showed signs of wanting to wean, until I eventually made the choice for them.

It is likely that Camden will be the same.

Especially now, perhaps due to the intensity of teething and his request to nurse constantly, I frequently ask myself the question – when will we wean?

Truth be told, I am ready now. I have been pregnant and or breastfeeding for a solid 6+ years. I am tired. I am ready to no longer grow little humans.

But I know he is far from ready. And I know that this will be the end of what has felt like an always in my life.

So for now, I wait. Allow parenthood to flex my patience. And give into the moment, this moment that will be over before I blink my eyes.

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