Bunnies Gone Bad

I may or may not have scarred Parker for all of eternity.

Like, a kind of scar he will likely discuss with his therapist when he is a grown adult.

He may forever hate bunnies from this point forward.

See, Parker was our pacifier baby. He sounded like Maggie Simpson at night, working that pacifier constantly.

But I promised Dan that the “ba” would be gone before he turned three. And with that date quickly approaching, it was time to tackle this transition once and for all.

We first attempted the process back at Easter. We encouraged him to leave his ba in his Easter basket for the Easter bunny to bring back to the baby bunnies. We explained that he was growing up and didn’t need the ba any longer, that it was for babies to help soothe them between nursing.

But he wasn’t ready. And I wasn’t ready to push him.

However, as his birthday approached, I decided to give him his deadline. Two nights and then we would say goodbye. I didn’t want to handle this process too close to his birthday.

So last Sunday morning I told him it was time to say goodbye. He turned and told me he was ready to bring ba out to the bunnies.

I smiled and said ok, following him outside to the yard.

He was very proud of himself, feeling big and in control of the process. He set it down, and we left for the morning.

When returned he checked for it and that was the end of ba.

TGD 6:16:17, 1

The first night went ok. But the second and third were much more difficult. Parker did not understand how to self soothe.

One particularly difficult night, while I was reading in bed, he crawled in next to me and told me how much he hates those bunnies. And how rude it was of them to take something that wasn’t theirs. And how badly he wanted to be a baby.

Oh my.

Yeah, I may have made a mistake making this a bunny thing. Ha! But nonetheless, we are on the other side, and there is no turning back.

But the Easter Bunny may need to bring him and extra present next year to redeem himself. 😉

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