The Swiss Army Knife

Dan, you are the Swiss Army Knife of Dads.

There is really no better way to put it.

You have something for every one. Every thing. Every situation.

You are everything to every one.

You never fail to impress me with your capabilities.

And what perhaps gets to my heart the most, nothing (and I truly mean nothing) means as much to you in this world as being a Dad.

You love it all. Cherish it. Take your responsibilities to them seriously. Always seeks ways to make them laugh. Never struggle to put them first. Find ways to always be both their friend and a role model.

You never cease to amaze me.

And truth be told, I fall more in love with you every day as I watch you fulfill a role that you were meant to fill.

Thank you for being such a phenomenal Dad to our babies. I hope your life goal, to be the best man at all of their weddings, one day comes true. 😉

Love you. Love you. Love you. Times 7 trillion, forever and always.

TGD, 6:18:17, 1
TGD, 6:18:17 2
TGD, 6:18:17 3

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