Everything & Nothing

I have a confession.

We moved two months ago and I am still homesick.

There are moments when I look around and feel overwhelmed by all the change. Everything still feels different and new. And not the exciting kind of new, the temporary – must adjust to this for a period, kind of new.

But then a moment catches me. Stills my thoughts. And reconnects me to all that remains the same.

Last week my Mom was standing in her yard holding Camden, while he laughed at Wrigley running circles in the rain around them.

I had this flashback of my Mom holding Wrigley in the yard when he was Cam’s age. I looked at Wrigley’s face and saw that same little newborn’s face look back at me and reconnect me with “home”.

TGD< 6:28:17 1

Everything has changed. And yet nothing has changed.

The things that matter most. The blessing of three little ones and their laughter and smiles. The warmth of Dan’s hand. These are the everythings. And they remain the same. Unchanged. And always there.

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