Livin’ Easy

Where ya been? What ya been doing?

Summer. Lots and lots of summer.

I have left the phone in my bag on many occasions. Tuned out. And tuned in to all that is happening with the kids, and all that is happening with this gorgeous summer. And this spot in life.

It has been incredible!

We have been spending as much time outside as humanely possible. Even pushing bedtimes in the name of that evening heat, as the sun begins to set.

TGD, 7:19:17 1

We have been equally flexible with meal routines. Eating later than usual, when and where we need to, but honestly following no schedule.

TGD, 7:19:17 4

And we have been savoring the transition out of the baby days.

And perhaps best of all, finally finding confidence in how we choose to parent.

For so many years, I thought that parenthood needed to be this structured, phased approach. Scheduled activities, art projects, daily skills practice, firm rules and ‘this is how we do things’ guiding points.

But none of that has ever felt natural to me. I mean truth be told, I really don’t know how to do most things as it pertains to parenting. We just kind of learn as we go, based on what feels right.

For so long I have felt guilty about the lack of routine. Don’t kids need that?

But then I realized, my answer is no. My kids do not need those routines, I don’t need those routines. After all, learning to be flexible is such a critical life skill.

And the kids are proving to be very flexible with mine and Dan’s lifestyle preferences. Our schedules, our priorities. It is rewarding to see the kids identify with our daily habits – sun, movement, awake with the sun, asleep with the sun, prioritizing foods that make you strong and foods that make you healthy. And play – lots and lots of play.

It is freeing to find this confidence, especially to identify these priorities in the summertime.

I know with Wrigley starting kindergarten in the fall, and Parker heading off to preschool, soon everything will change again. And new routines will be inevitable. But discovering the ability to ebb and flow into routine and out of routine, is a freedom in and of itself.

It brings to life one of my favorite sayings…

Drive the bus, don’t take the backseat on it.

I hope we continue to find ways to take the driver’s seat on this incredible life!

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